Saturday, February 4, 2023

Bed and breakfast now open in Boissevain, VA


Eric and Kim Palivec used to call the buckeye state home.

Last year, they made the move from Kent, Ohio..To the Boissevain area of Virginia.

Kim Palivec – owner: “My husband’s been coming down here for 15 years, riding, fell in love with the area and knew I would too, he brought be down here once and we were hooked”

Their friends–Chad and Shannon Zemba helped convince them to make the move.

Chad and Shannon Zemba – friend: “We told them about how great it is down here, and they came down here to look at it, and they saw this house and the rest is history.”

That house is physically located on Dunn road in Bluefield, Virginia.

And the decision to move here happened quickly.

Austin Gembar – owner’s son: “It was incredibly fast. I remember talking to her on a Thursday or a Friday. She told me they were heading south to look at some property, weren’t sure exactly where, then I got a call on Sunday saying, ‘yeah, we’re moving.’”

It also meant the Palivecs would have to close one chapter of their lives to open this new one.

Within ten days, they shut down their automotive repair business that they had run for two decades.

And then, they were on the road to their new home in Virginia.

And they say the residents here have been very welcoming.

Kim Palivec – owner: “The support from the community has been absolutely amazing, welcoming. We’ve come home many days and there are bags of vegetables on our front porch. It’s just absolutely amazing. And the kids are supported too. We’ll get them to move down here next.”

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