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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — InvestorsObserver, trusted by retail investors around the globe for intuitive stock analysis and unbiased news, has added cryptocurrency analysis to the IO platform.

Building on the groundbreaking stock-ranking system, InvestorsObserver will provide crypto investors real-time pricing, a host of valuable analytics as well as a gauge on risk, long and short-term technical analysis, market sentiment and volatility on more than five thousand cryptocurrencies.

Adding crypto analysis to the InvestorsObserver platform was in direct response to subscriber demand. “The investors we serve have an increasing appetite for cryptocurrency” said Tim O’Donnell, CEO. “But crypto poses a new challenge for investors because it lacks traditional fundamentals such as financials, product development, management, or moats to analyze” he added. “A crypto investor must have technical analysis at his or her disposal, so we developed a complete set of tools that helps assess risk and advance understanding of crypto investing.”

InvestorsObserver is adding cryptocurrency analysis to all its subscription packages at no additional cost to subscribers. “As a marketer I’m proud that we’re committed to our customers success by adding crypto to the subscription model without any extra fees whatsoever,” said Logan Hutchinson, Marketing Director. “Crypto has become an important asset class to our subscribers and we’re excited to add this consequential analysis to the mix,” he added. “Plus,” he winked, “it’s going to increase sales.”

The product development was headed up by Bobby Raines and his team. “I’m a pretty hard-core stocks and options guy so I assigned the initial design concept to two of our younger analysts because of their enthusiasm for cryptocurrency,” Raines, Director of Content, said. “I was thrilled when they came back with product specs that reflect our stock analysis tools. I knew immediately it would add significant value for our subscribers.”

InvestorsObserver has been developing and patenting investment technology since 2002, long before the term fintech was even coined. It provides content and technology to some of the biggest names on Wall Street but prides itself on the tools it creates for the Main Street investor. 

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