Metaverse Thailand, The first chapter of the secondary

    Bangkok, Thailand, Oct. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ‘Metaverse Thailand’ launched the new Decentraland where you can buy it in the virtual world. Own land in the Ekamai area , for only a few dollars (BUSD), buy land from a real map in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand!

    This platform itself often highlights the main feature is ‘Play to Earn’ or playing and earning money back, that coveraging many points to keep an eyes on,

    1. Decentralization
    2. The use of blockchain in asset management is now land trading.
    3. The use of Self-governing Digital ID
    4. Using cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency
    5. The use of NFT
    6. The use of spatial from the real Thailand map

    Through the project piloted by land in the Ekamai area for us to choose from. The development team said this platform has given us a layer 2 world (compare the real world to Layer 1), which the Layer 2 itself, at this time, still has enough space left to occupy at the moment. But in the future, it’s not certain. and one day it may become a Golden location. The value has soared several folds. ‘Demand-supply’ like real-world land is possible.

    In terms of credibility, ‘Metaverse Thailand’ is one of the projects of ‘A-Plus Fintech Pte. LTD. marketed by a Singapore company. Those interested in Metaverse Thailand can join in
    on the fun using coin BUSD or MVP Coin to buy the virtual land and build your own way.

    The development team stated that in the future it will be developed to be able to ‘Can put the building on the land’ or is it to enter the details Like putting a link that connects to our storefront in the real world, which is also under development. Including there will be a Creator system open to designers to design various buildings. This may be done in conjunction with universities or other places in the future to promote careers for Thai people as well. Or, as the development team gave as an example, it may be connected to a ‘Virtual office’ like to meet the needs of today’s Work from home. At present, it opens into the ‘Metaverse’, a second world that is parallel to the real world. And buying land in ‘Metaverse Thailand’ would be just the beginning.

    That said, it’s just a preliminary, the developer has outlined above. In the future, the development team still has a lot of space for further development. by simply having the basis of ‘Purchasing land’ in the Blockchain world only, it would be good, right? If we have started to buy early. before the price soared and more is needed!

    The land will be sold in small ‘blocks’, 40×40 meters per block, with prices starting at 3 BUSD per block or 300 MVP Coin (+ a small amount of gas in BNB), with purchases ranging from 1-100 blocks per transaction or starting around 3 dollars only and will be open for sale in 3 rounds per day at 12.00 pm. / 05.00 pm./ 09.00 pm.(GMT+7),Bangkok Time.

    Available only 15 minutes each round

    It operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. Trading is an NFT feature where transaction details can be viewed from BscScan after purchase. that land will connect to our Wallet (you can use a wallet that supports BSC like MetaMask) as well as connect to our “Facebook” to show your friends as well.

    Core Project to keep an eyes on
    – The next chapter of Live & Earn on Defi platform & Real business use case –

    Road map
    Metaverse Thailand Roadmap

    2021 – Launch
    – Open Beta Launch
    – Buy & Sell Feature
    -Only Ekamai and Thonglor
    – Support MVP Coin and BUSD
    – Audited tax and advisory service in Singapore

    – Merge / Split Land Feature
    – Purchase Offer Function
    – 2D/3D Model on Maps
    – Governance Token Announcement
    – Stable Coin Announcement
    – User Profile
    – New Partnership
    – Listing on CEX
    – Corpxervice Business Virtual Office

    DeFi on Land Plot Feature
    – Update 2D/3D Model
    – New Partnership
    – Use case Governance Token
    – New Listing on CEX
    – Listing on Coingecko, CMC
    – Business Forum Function

    – Audited by Certik
    – New Listing on CEX
    – New update Feature
    – New Partnership
    – Morison Global Business Partnership

    – New Partnership
    – Major Update 3D Game Engine
    – Offshore Incorporation Service

    – Metaverse Global

    For more information

    Media Contact:

    Contact person : Shanya Linn
    Company Name : Metaverse
    E-mail :

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