FLy, the risk-free Launchpad solution for protecting money when investing in an IDO

    Unfortunately, pre-sale & IDO investors are sometimes left holding worthless tokens.

    As examples of  the cases with such situations, look at Crypto Puzzles IDO results with -92,8% ROI:

    And Algo Painter with -82,8%: 

    It happened for different reasons, such as a developer failed to provide liquidity or initially providing the liquidity only to later remove it (this is called “rug pulling”).

    Rug Pull

    A rug pull is a situation when crypto developers abandon a project and run away with investors’ funds. Rug pulls sometimes happen in the DeFi ecosystem, especially on DEXs, where malicious individuals create a token and list it on a DEX, pair it with a leading cryptocurrency like Ethereum.

    But once a significant number of investors swap their ETH for the listed token, the creators then withdraw everything from the liquidity pool, driving the coin’s price to zero.

    Ensuring that you don’t fall victim to a rug pull

    Decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap algorithmically determine the prices of tokens in a pool depending on the available balances. Check the project’s liquidity in a pool before you invest, and check if there is a lock on the token’s pool for a certain period. But it’s not possible all the time, because not every project adds liquidity to the pool before an IDO.

    Even if the project looks reliable and worthy, even if it has well-known investors and companies, it doesn’t guarantee positive results. The coin’s creators may even create a temporary hype around Telegram, Twitter, and other social media platforms and initially inject a substantial amount of liquidity into their pool to cultivate investor confidence and to drive FOMO that leads more people to invest in the token.

    FLy protects customers and investors from the risks of an IDO

    Driven by the principles of complete transparency and understanding investors’ needs, the FLy team has developed a Launchpad platform that provides its users with a high degree of risk protection within the volatile space of DeFi investing.

    The FLy ecosystem, powered by its utility token Franklin (FLy), serve as the fuel that power the platform. FLy is a utility token with an actual purpose: hold FLy Tokens to get access to the Launchpad and risk-free IDO which is a distinguishing feature amidst other launchpad platforms. FLy token holders also get access to such solutions as trading signals for manual and API trading produced by quantitative trading algorithms, FLyDEX for traders and DeFi solutions for FLy token, such as staking and farming, a network bridgeescrow and more to come.

    Risk-free IDO on the FLy platform. Case study

    As we had mentioned previously, an IDO can be risky for investors. That’s why it’s extremely important to participate in such an investment type using the right platform, that ensures maximum benefits for its community of investors and protects its customers.

    As an example, on August 5th 2021, a project called CFL365.Finance had an IDO for its token on the FLy Launchpad platform. The IDO was fully deposited within 30 minutes of starting and closed with a gained deposited amount double of what was necessary. But unfortunately, the $CFL365 token performance didn’t suit the risk management profile.

    FLy cares about the community and to keep the community in profit, it stopped token distribution. To ensure the FLy community from losses, all USDT tokens that were participated in the IDO were unlocked.

    Moreover, FLy Launchpad participators got an airdrop in $CFL365 tokens for free according to the FLy tokens amount in their wallet.

    The FLy launchpad is risk-free, so the team doesn’t leave their community without refunds in case of bad project performance. All information about the IDO process is sent to the community through the FLy and BO Newsletter and official Telegram Global community channel. 

    You can check all the transactions of this case here:

    Tokens airdrop:

    USDT return:

    About Fly Launchpad

    FLy Launchpad helps and advises project teams on how to best attract communities and increase the number of investors for a successful launch of their token. The launchpad provides a full fundraising service, starting from advisory to post-listing, marketing and market-making support.

    The FLy team is looking for strong projects with a unique and innovative vision in the crypto space.

    The FLy community enjoys the opportunity to invest in high-quality projects with good conditions, which are similar to pre-seed and seed institutional rounds.

    FLy Launchpad offer completely risk-free IDOs and create a win-win situation for both projects and investors.

    Fly Launchpad benefits for investors and projects

    • Large community and relevant expertise for projects, pre- and post-IDO support with marketing, price management and advisory.
    • The FLy community could be backers of high-quality projects for investing.
    • Risk – protection for FLy token holders, in the case when an IDO token performs bad or a team behaves unfairly, the token holders get back their investment without any losses.

    Participating in an IDO on the FLy Platform

    • Participant has to have more than 100 FLy tokens (BSC/ETH network) in his/her web wallet (Metamask as an example)
    • Participant must have the appropriate amount of funds to his/her investment request
    • Fly token holder has to select a project to invest in
    • Has to link his/her appropriate wallet to
    • Has to decide an investment amount and approve the request to invest
    • Win in a lottery
    • Complete an investment
    • Receive tokens from a token sale

    Current price of the FLy token

    The FLy token price rose on +170% last weekend, while trading volume for FLy token set the record with more than $10M. Fly is expected to continue to increase on the back of new partnerships and services coming to market, definitely one to watch for the future. Add FLy token to your CoinMarketCap watch list. If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio, now could be the ideal time to consider adding FLy.

    Fly has a lot more upcoming solutions and there will be many more exciting announcements about the latest updates. Stay tuned!



    Telegram: Telegram Global community channel

    Telegram Announcements: 

    SOURCE Black Ocean

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