Maka Finance – a New Way to Earn

    Our goal is to prove that holders can make money honestly, and show others that they are not alone

    The absolutely massive growth of the crypto industry and its continuous spurts of innovation have led to a plethora of new DApps for crypto enthusiasts all around the world. One thing many of these projects don’t focus on enough, however, is the importance of community and transparency. A healthy token ecosystem needs feedback from users on how they feel about these innovations in order to grow as efficiently as possible..

    Community input is crucial to the prosperity of any token economy, and one team that really seems to get that is the one at MAKA Finance.

    What is MAKA Finance?

    MAKA, which aims to be a unique evolution of yield generating smart contracts on the Binance Smart chain, has officially launched their new token project and accompanying dApp. Just by holding MAKA Tokens, holders automatically generate passive income which can be paid out in BNB, BUSD, MAKA, or a combination of the three. MAKA is the first project to allow rewards to be paid out in a combination of different tokens, and at any percentage distribution that holders choose.

    According to the developers, this is only the beginning of a long list of additional features they plan to add to the platform. Some of the first additions planned for MAKA Finance include a proprietary “MakaSwap” system, NFT Integration, an NFT marketplace, and more to come from exciting partnerships.

    The team behind MAKA believes that they can be a shining beacon of honesty and transparency in an otherwise dismal world of scams and rug pulls. From day one, they worked tirelessly to grow and maintain strong community. They have already managed to secure some major partnerships, both with marketing firms and with other token projects, with the goal of longevity in mind. With all of these innovations on the way, and a great team behind them, it looks like MAKA Finance is here to stay.

    What is MAKA Swap?

    MAKASwap is an exciting feature that allows participants to exchange BNB or BUSD directly for MAKA tokens on their dAPP, eliminating the hassle and unpredictability of DEX trading. Also, investors who buy directly through the MAKA website will save over 25% on the transaction fees. The MAKA Team believes that allowing purchase of tokens natively at a discounted fee will generate massive new investor interest as well seamless integration for the MAKA ecosystem users!

    The project’s native token $MAKA, and is available on the Pancake Swap DEX, and soon to be available on the proprietary MAKASWAP dApp feature. The native token information can be found by going to its BSC Scan contract page below.

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