Get Benefits from Your Data with Hub Star

    Nowadays, most businesses gain from their consumers’ data, whether they have their permission or not. This helps them obtain a competitive advantage over their competitors and offer services in line with the consumers’ needs.

    Hub Star seeks to provide individuals complete control over their personal info while simultaneously allowing enterprises to collect accurate, clean data in a legal context. Hub Star intends to transform the way information collected is managed by providing a collection of tools that will enable data monetization.

    Users can simply allow control over how their data is accessed and share direct information about themselves by doing so.

    What is Hub Star?

    The Hub Star platform is a cutting-edge browsing solution that offers users control over their digital footprints and allows them to trade it for cryptocurrencies. The Hub Star browser separates itself from regular browsers by providing the ability to safeguard users’ information and only enabling websites with consent to access protected information.

    They provide a platform through which Internet users will have control over their data and where businesses can receive high-quality data-rich impactful insights. The Hub is intended to alleviate some of the common issues that traditional blockchain-based platforms experience.

    Hub Star provides privacy and security on blockchain applications that leverage smart contracts with known identities. There have also been reports of some cryptocurrency exchanges using KYC and AML to obtain customer personal details. The platform addresses the crypto industry’s privacy and security issues by applying new solutions that encrypt and store customer information in a distributed system.

    For the costly transactions, Hub Star uses Tron Blockchain to decrease costs. Members will benefit from the lowest transaction fees in the cryptocurrency market.

    Related to usability, Hub has a simple system with an easy-to-use interface. It offers a single sign-in function that allows users to use a single password to interact with all websites.

    In terms of speed, most platforms have lowered transaction speeds as a result of cyber threats. To improve the user experience, the platform offers faster transactions.

    Main features

    The platform’s primary goal is to provide Internet users with a safe area by offering them the ability to control how their digital footprints are accessed. They also want to make it possible for businesses to acquire high-quality data directly from their customers.

    The key benefits they provide are as follows:

    Insight Layer – The system will give its members a means to manage their data and how much info they wish to submit. They also agree to share in exchange for Hub Coin by doing so. They will receive a message and will be asked to approve who will use their data. It will not be available to the requesting party in totality.

    Security features – The platform is designed to promote personal privacy. The collected data is encrypted and partitioned into 30 shards before being stored across a computer network using the distributed file storage system BTFS. Members can cancel consents as well as grant access. Additionally, the Hub enables users to restrict the type of information that is exposed to various devices.

    Payments – All payments on the site will be made in HUB tokens, and users who agree to share their insights will be compensated in HUB. The system will use smart contracts to perform transactions; they reduce time, prevent conflicts, and offer a cheaper, faster, and more secure payment solution.

    Single Log-On – Hub considers dumbing down traditional authentication mechanisms for social engineering frauds. Individuals will use a private key to control their online identities. They will allow a user to build a single sign-in that will work with any website.

    Incentives – Individuals will benefit from various incentives such as airdrops. There will be three rounds of airdrops: before the token sale, after the token sale, and after the post-sale. The pre token sale is aimed at all registered users on the site, while the post token sale is destined for those who buy tokens once the platform is launched. The final one will be released after a year and will be available only to token holders.

    Users – Internet users, corporations, and government organizations can all use the Hub resources to gain value from their data.

    What are the advantages?

    Hub Start users will receive a variety of benefits by using the platform. Ordinary users’ private info will be protected from falling into the wrong hands, and the platform will provide customers with the means to commoditize and profit from their data. Hub Star also has its token with a total cap of 1 trillion distributed as follows:

    • Token sale: 45% of any remaining tokens will be used to allow HUBS tokens to be staked and rewards offered.
    • Team: 15% of tokens will be reserved for the team.
    • Airdrops: 5% of tokens will be utilized to provide token holders with airdrops over time.
    • Marketing: 10% of the funds will be used to market the initiative.
    • Development: 25% of the funds will be used to gain traction for product development.


    Hub Star is more than simply a cryptocurrency platform; they want to leverage their members’ data in a creative way that will benefit them.

    They will protect the method by which the data will be accessed, providing individuals with means to regulate it without too many formalities, and ensuring that not just members will profit from it. The personal data of Hub Star members will be monetized.

    Prepare to take advantage of your info and earn money.

    To be up to date with all the information, follow them on social media: Telegram, Medium, and Twitter.

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