WAFUNIF, the Official United Nations Alumni Association, Embraces Charitable Blockchain Technology Through its Partnership with Proto Gold DAO | News

    NEW YORK, Aug. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The creation of blockchain applications that support charitable endeavors across the United Nations’ 193 member countries will result from a global partnership announced today.

    The World Association of Former United Nations Internes and Fellows (WAFUNIF) announced it has partnered with Proto Gold DAO, a global community-based blockchain technology provider. They will mutually support WAFUNIF’s “Let’s Change the World Together” charitable endeavors initiative as partners.

    Proto Gold’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a community-run governance structure whose members use a first-of-its-kind voting mechanism on the Binance Smart Chain to make quick and secure decisions regarding the project’s direction and charitable giving. WAFUNIF and Proto Gold DAO will use this technology to promote and expand accountability in distributing socially responsible contributions.

    Proto Gold DAO has committed to donating a full 1 percent of each PROTO transaction to charitable endeavors. (See for the current amount collected.) The flexibility of the Proto Gold technology will also allow charitable organizations and individuals around the world to enjoy full transparency in all philanthropic activities. It will allow public votes for the allocation of individual donations to specific charitable projects.

    WAFUNIF will aggregate the needs of the United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other non-profits and assist in the efficient distribution of the funds collected from Proto Gold DAO member donations. Accruing funds will be stored as BUSD (the Binance stablecoin) into two Gnosis Multisignature safes for added security and released for donations every three months.

    WAFUNIF and Proto Gold DAO will form an oversight committee that will use LAW, the fuel of Proto Gold’s governance, to quickly and transparently vote on the blockchain to approve proposed charity projects. ( see Together the WAFUNIF and Proto Gold communities will take video of in-person donation presentations and post the videos online to demonstrate the full integrity of the process.

    NGOs and non-profits worldwide are encouraged to register their charitable project for consideration as a beneficiary of the program through WAFUNIF’s enrollment contact form:

    We also invite you to visit Proto Gold DAO’s suite of supporting websites at:

    Proto Gold DAO Website:

    Proto Gold DAO Beta Governance Portal:

    Blockchain Vaults, Status, and Activity:

    PROTO (charitable ecosystem fuel) blockchain information: Blockchain Link

    LAW (governance fuel) blockchain information: Blockchain Link

    WAFUNIF’s headquarters is in United Nations Plaza, DC2, Office 0370, New York, NY. It has offices in other cities in nations worldwide, and maintains sustained ties with its alma mater, the United Nations. WAFUNIF provides advice on questions relevant to UN officials, member states, diplomatic missions, and observer organizations on global issues of trade, development, taxation, disarmament, welfare, science, technology, communication, internet, youth, energy, natural resources, outer space and technical cooperation.

    “Let’s Change the World Together” is a central part of WAFUNIF’s mission at the United Nations to support its interns and fellows and aid the world’s neediest – all while delivering a message of hope, unity, peace, and opportunity via education and cultural exchanges. WAFUNIF’s mission remains closely aligned with and in support of the United Nations 2030 initiatives to achieve and preserve world peace through self-reliance and sustainability.

    The Proto Gold DAO ecosystem is a community-governed charitable savings and rewards ecosystem built upon the pillar of a sharing economy. The ecosystem automatically rewards its members with long and short-term savings opportunities.

    “Let’s Change the World Together” ☻ “Cambiemos El Mundo Juntos” ☻ “一緒に世界を変えよう” ☻ “Давайте изменим мир вместе” ☻ “Changeons Le Monde Ensemble” ☻”معا العالم لنغیر”

    “For the People, By the People” ☻ “Por El Pueblo, Para El Pueblo” ☻ “由大家创建,为大家所用” ☻ “Сделано людьми для людей” ☻ “Par Le Peuple, Pour Le Peuple” ☻”من قبل الناس، من اجل الناس”

    Disclaimer – Blockchain technology is new and evolving and can present a considerable financial risk to the uninitiated. We strongly encourage you to research and understand the Proto Gold DAO before participating. Blockchain transactions can’t be undone, so please make sure any donations are carried out with the help of a professional. None of the information in this press release or any shared links are intended as financial advice. Please seek the help of a qualified financial advisor.

    Prepared and arranged by:

    (7th of August 2021)

    Francisco (Franco) A. Sáez,

    Executive Committee Chairman, and

    Sr. Fellow of Economic Development & Finance

    at WAFUNIF, as (the “Project Lead”)

    e-Mail-#1: Mobile: +1 (760) 831-0055


    World Association of Former United Nations Internes and Fellows

    Two United Nations Plaza, DC2, Room 0370, New York, NY 10017

    Doc# 2459430.09375

    Media Contact

    Mr. Francisco A. Sáez,,, +1 +1 (760) 831-0055,


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