SafeTitan ($STTN) cryptocoin ICO pushed to August 14, bitcoin surges, starter IDO in 2 days

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SafeTitan (STTN) cryptocoin announced recently that they’re pushing back their ICO until Saturday, August 14, 2021. Originally scheduled for July, the much anticipated coin cited security protocol upgrades on their official blog. According to the statement published on the blog the delay is in the long-term interest of the token and their buyers. Notably, they also mention hiring two senior developers to aid in the preparation for the coin’s official pre-launch.

SafeTitan aims to offer simplicity and security in crypto trading, while reducing the environmental toll of larger organized mining.

Designed according to BEP20 smart-technology, SafeTitan ($STTN) is paired with the BNB token by Binance. This opens up buying opportunities to a market of over 13.5 million active Binance users (in 2021) who will have access after the coin’s public launch.

Users will need to register to purchase STTN tokens before August 9.  The sale will happen via their official website (, which has an on-line app utility. This application will take users through a verified registration process before ICO launch. Options for buying will be made available August 14th.

Once the coin is listed publicly, Binance users will need PancakeSwap which is the largest DeFi exchange (DEX) for Binance Smart-Chain network. First the coin is traded to BEP20 on PancakeSwap, from which it is sent to Binance to trade for other coins. There are more than 1 million crypto wallets registered with the exchange with over $9 billion (USD) in volume. PancakeSwap is the largest DEX in the Binance Smart Chain network.

‘The China Coin’ lifts off

One of the greatest strengths of the company is its marketing team which will be useful for attracting buyers and building a following. Efforts will include distributing 500,000 STTN to users who complete ‘micro tasks’ such as social media follows. The company is also giving away the NFT of their company, not to be reproduced ever, to one lucky user.

There is also talk of a SafeTitan 100, a mysterious group of 100 powerful influencers who will market the coin. Apparently,  the selected influencers have wide networks of followers and will promote STTN on various platforms. Social Medias chosen include Reddit, Facebook, and WeChat & several Chinese platforms, increasing possibilities of the coin going viral.

The ICO also appeals to an international market because of its relatively low token fees on the DeFi exchange. With an initial coin offer price of $0.005 users will have to make a minimum purchase of $10 worth of tokens. The maximum is set at $1,000 (USD) to protect against crypto whales and users hogging all the tokens. There is 980,000,000 total supply available for purchase on the date of the ICO.

Through Twitter SafeTitan announced that recent registration and traffic activity indicate more than 67,000 potential registrants for the ICO. However, there will only be 10,000 spots for fully registered and verified users to make a purchase on the August 14 date. The suspense for the long awaited coin may help catapult the China Coin.

IDO vs ICO: What’s the difference?

ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings are a way of selling crypto tokens before the public listing. This gives early investors a chance to buy up to a limited amount of tokens, and only so many tokens are available during the ICO. The prices are usually cheaper and savvy investors buy as much as they are willing to spend on with the hopes of reselling later at a higher price.

IDOs or Initial DEX (Decentralized Exchange) Offerings skip the presale process and are listed right away. Of course, there is still a cap on how much people can buy, but it’s open to everyone. With an IDO there is a third-party platform that’s vetting the transactions, but the actual token sale is decentralized.

The START of a solution for 2021

Next month also starts the launch of the STARTER IDO on August 2nd. Starter proposes a solution to the myriad noise of the cryptocurrency world, with new tokens appearing constantly. Investors face the problem of sifting through all the new offerings and must decide which stand out. Similarly, developers who want to launch a new project face the problem of attracting investor support and liquidity.

To mitigate these problems, Starter provides a community of START token holders who review IDO’s from different projects. Users can stake their tokens as a way of voting for which programs they want launched on the platform. This way, users have a chance to review the various IDO’s and vote on the ones they think are the best. Afterwards they are able to participate in the presale of each project while earning BNB.

Most notably, the platform launched the IDO of MONSTA on their platform which rose to #4 on their IDO Moonsheet. Cryptocurrency investors can currently buy START on QuickSwap or PolygonScan. The goal for this round is $100,000 and ends on August 3rd, 2021.

Bitcoin makes a comeback

Bitcoin prices surged on July 28th climbing more than 8% to $39,937, according to CoinDesk reports. Over the past couple of months the iconic cryptocurrency has been on the rise after speculation that Amazon may join the crypto sphere. Likewise, similar comments from Tesla CEO Elon Musk contributed to the gains.

This is a welcome comeback for Bitcoin investors since the price dip in May after reports of the coin’s environmental impact. Similarly, China has shown an ever increasing stance against cryptocurrency. In May of this year China banned all institutions and companies from providing crypto services. This was followed by arrests of suspected crypto users, and companies were suspended from dealing with crypto.

But according to Coinbase, the effects of this weren’t as bad as previously thought. Data from the 20 largest exchanges worldwide shows a 489% increase in Bitcoin trading volume from laste year. While other coins such as Ether had a much larger gain, this consistency is good for Bitcoin as it continues to grow.

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