STAR-RISER Brand CODEVIRAL Announces Revolutionary Hybrid Cloud and Blockchain-Powered eHealth and eCommerce Marketplace

    COV-i eHealth leverages the power of blockchain to streamline payment and logistics protocols to help combat pandemia and life-threatening diseases

    MUNICH, GERMANY, June 25, 2021 / — CODEVIRAL, a Brand of STAR-RISER GmbH Business Solutions announces today advances in eHealth, blockchain, hybrid cloud and eCommerce with a smart, fast, secure eHealth marketplace designed to combat pandemia and life-threatening diseases. COV-i eHealth leverages innovative blockchain strategies and transforms supply chain management and eCommerce with a permissioned blockchain-based payment solution and time-stamped e-signatures on the blockchain. The eHealth marketplace is integrated as an SAP Hybrid Mobile Application in the SAP ecosystem and SAP Business Technology Platform.

    These innovations highlight STAR-RISER’s commitment to helping its clients and partners accelerate their digital transformations and build strategic ecosystems that can help prevent pandemia and drive better business outcomes in the medical supply chain. Levering the power of blockchain, the marketplace seeks to enable government agencies, corporations, healthcare organizations and citizens in Europe, Africa and the Indian Ocean region to prevent rapidly spreading COVID-19 and other potential pandemia by overcoming supply chain challenges and digitally verifying the identities of those procuring goods through them.

    “From a business perspective, blockchain is one of the most innovative and ground-breaking technologies following the internet,” said STAR-RISER CEO Alexandra Reichert, an OXFORD Blockchain Strategist and OXFORD Executive Alumna. “Similar to the internet, in the future, many organizations such as health care organizations, governments, banks and more will provide services to their citizens via the blockchain. This is like a Quantum Leap for technology and all mankind. No one understands this better than STAR-RISER, whose longtime vision has been to streamline complex business processes with blockchain and integrate them into the SAP ecosystem.”

    Alexandra Reichert further noted with shifting demographics and wider geographic disbursement of the global population, people are increasingly expecting to engage with new forms of medicine, including eHealth and telemedicine, as evidenced during the pandemic. These forms of medicine allow medical professionals and patients to help mitigate the risk of disease proliferation while giving people easier access to medical care.

    COV-i, Alexandra Reichert noted, will play a critical role in disease mitigation by offering EU-certified preventative products as part of its portfolio. In addition, patients will also be able to access other anti-viral products and services on the COV-i marketplace, including advice from experts and virologists, real-time world monitoring, rapid antigen tests and more. 

    Reichert also sees COV-i reaching beyond the realms of hospital hygiene and infection prevention and into the broader business ecosystem.

    “As hotels, restaurants, fitness centers and other facilities reopen and we begin to resume life as normal, businesses have a commitment to keep their patrons safe. Children everywhere in the world without vaccination possibilities need the newest air pollution systems in schools, and travelers need special anti-viral space sanitization systems in airplanes, public traffic etc.,” added Reichert. “With our B2B and B2C solutions, COV-i offers a wide range of sanitary products to keep spaces clean and sanitized and their employees and customers safe. These include germicidal UV-C products that deactivate the DNA of bacteria, viruses, allergens and other pathogens.”

    The COV-i SAP mobile app is available in the SAP Store for sellers and suppliers, where they can buy licenses to use the platform to publish and sell their products. The COV-i eHealth platform is also available as a desktop and mobile solution at and as an app iOS in the App Store and Android in the Google Play Store.


    COV-i is a private eHealth online marketplace for governments, corporations, healthcare organizations and individuals.

    CODEVIRAL, a brand of STAR-RISER is a global cloud, blockchain solutions, eCommerce and Apps provider. We help clients in Europe, Africa and the Indian Ocean capitalize on insights from their data, streamline business processes, reduce costs and gain a competitive edge in their industries.

    STAR-RISER’s breakthrough innovations in blockchain, industry-specific cloud solutions and business services deliver open and flexible options to our clients. All of this is backed by STAR-RISER’s commitment to trust, transparency, responsibility, inclusivity and service.

    STAR-RISER GmbH Business Solutions, a Strategy and IT Consulting Company was established in 2002 in Munich and is located in Munich, Maximilianstr. 2.

    With over 25 years of international business experience and technological and business process expertise STAR-RISER helps companies to integrate their blockchain strategy into their business strategy.

    Alexandra Reichert
    +49 176 63020314

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