Why Revuto Is At The Vanguard Of A Revolution Built On Cardano

    A generational shift is on its way and Cardano could be the launchpad for the dApps and protocols that will undertake it. Revuto it’s the first one to offer a public token sale. Thus, spearheading the dawn of a new era set to be deployed after Hard Fork Combinator event “Alonzo” and the implementation of the smart contract platform, Plutus.

    Revuto is a subscription manager and decentralized mobile application. Created to bring down the hurdles and difficulties of the subscription economy, its main objective is to allow users to efficiently manage their subscription services in cost and time.

    This dApps was created to prevent consumers from fatigue and make the most out of their services by providing them with a tool to approve, postpone, block, or snooze any charges by a subscription on their accounts.

    With a 100% Year-on-Year growth, the subscription economy seems poised to become a bigger part of the future across all markets from TV, e-commerce, games, and much more. Revuto will protect consumers from the consequences of dealing with several subscriptions. In that way, it will be a filter between the client and the big corporations that benefit from the expansion of this model.

    Revuto has been built on Cardano due to its technical capacities and its community-based mission, vision, and philosophy. Since its inception, the platform seeks to improve the life of its users with real-world use cases. Cardano combines the best of first and second-generation blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and meets Revuto’s requirements.

    Revuto’s Features And Token Distribution

    The dApp will have a single dashboard to provide users with a simple solution to manage their subscriptions. Revuto will be connected to traditional payment rails. In addition, the Revuto Virtual Debit Cards will enable more options with fiat currencies.

    The Revuto Wallet will support Cardano’s stablecoin EURR, the dApps native token, REVU, and other native tokens of the platform. Users will have to go through a straightforward setup process for their wallets and will gain access to extra opportunities, such as rewards, cashback, more freedom to renew their subscriptions and limit the amount of money to be spent on services.

    Revuto will have a platform for micro-lending and borrowing to give users more liquidity to pay for their subscriptions and better management of their cash flows. In the future, Revuto will attempt to become a licensed payment processor. Thus, users will be able to make frictionless recurrent payments to any service with the application without the need for third-party intervention.

    The dApps’ native token, REVU, has been designed to benefit from the constant demand to renovate subscriptions and from Revuto’s incentive structure. Also, REVU will support its governance model which in time will be run by the community.

    REVU will have a total supply of 89,640,000 tokens to be released by waves to ensure a fair distribution. The community token sales will have a vesting period of 3 months, and the sales to early backers will have a vesting period from 6 to 12 months approximately. This guarantees that whales will be unable to lock out smaller investors from participating in Revuto’s ecosystem.

    Revuto will have an ERC-20 converter to issue wREVU and will consolidate partnerships with exchange platforms to ensure there is a liquid market that supports its trading. The dApp will permit users to stake their tokens, will give more rewards to holders, liquidity providers, and referrals. Cardano is brewing a revolution and Revuto is set to make an impact. According to their Whitepaper, the future will be in the hands of the consumers:

    (They) should have the opportunity to help build and lead the products they use and amply benefit from their success. Guided by these beliefs, Revuto seeks to put the community’s interests first and siphon most of its earnings back to its most loyal users and backers.

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