How to buy ‘Tiger King’ memorabilia, NFT in Joe Exotic auction

    Joe Exotic is selling items seen on the hit Netflix series that elevated the big cat handler into a household name.

    The auction will also include digital “non fungible token,” or NFT, versions of those items and artwork.

    Available for auction June 18, Joe Exotic will be selling 3-D renderings of cult collectibles sold alongside real-life tangible items seen on the show, as well as digital artworks for fans.

    Joe Exotic feeds a tiger at his zoo in this undated file photo. Exotic is serving a 22-year sentence for a murder-for-hire scheme involving his chief rival in the big cat industry.

    Along with the actual physical collectibles, NFT versions will be shipped to auction winners. Items include Joe Exotic’s Smith & Wesson revolver, a fringed leather jacket and images autographed from prison.

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    What is an NFT?

    It’s short for non fungible token. Fungible items, like money, are easily interchangeable and generally carry the same value regardless of the individual item. If we each have a $20 bill, we could swap them without any change to their value. In the case of a non-fungible token, however, each one is unique and cannot be directly exchanged for another.

    An NFT is essentially a piece of data that verifies you maintain ownership of a digital item, whether it’s visual or musical artwork, a screenshot of a tweet or any number of things that can be digitally produced. Despite its close association with meme culture, NFT sales have generated big bucks in the collectible market. 

    An early viral YouTube video known as “Charlie Bit My Finger” was auctioned and sold  as an NFT for over $760,000 this year. The new owner chose to keep the video publicly available on YouTube.

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